Windows 10 Game Optimization? – Does it Really Work?

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It goes on and on, from better GPU’s to liquid cooling, cleaning up the external and internal parts of your PC, and all the way up to game optimization software, there just always seems to be one solution after the other to improve your gaming performance.

Sometimes people even wonder if game optimization software actually works and whether it is one big scam or not.

The truth is that reputable optimization software does work, but how much you benefit from these kinds of software can sometimes vary depending on what you want to get out of them.

But, there are some software that will always be needed for weekly maintenance and that will significantly change the way your system performs.

Optimization software seems to be a more common practice these days and that’s great because all of our devices do require occasional maintenance if we want to keep them performing optimally.

Every piece of optimization software is different with its own unique features that make it the way that it is. Some are better than others in certain areas and some even come with different loads of features built within them.

When it comes to PC optimization, I really like the route Microsoft took with it. Allow me to introduce you to the Windows 10 game optimization software.

Free Game Optimization Software?

Well calling the Windows 10 game optimization software free wouldn’t be technically correct because you would need to purchase a Windows 10 license to have it, unless you got the Windows 10 upgrade for free when it came out.

So how do you get your hands on Windows 10s optimization software? Well if you have Windows 10 right now, you probably are already running it because it comes with Windows 10 by default.

But there is a very slim chance that you couldn’t be running it, although this type of scenario is rare, I’ll be walking you through the steps you need to take to ensure its running if you would like to enable it.

So its called “Game Mode” and its supposed to prioritize whatever game you are playing so that your game can perform better and have a higher FPS.

Game Mode also prevents updates from interrupting your gaming session so that you won’t get any restarting notifications or driver installations.

It’s really easy to switch on and off and to check whether you are using it or not. Just press the Start button and type in “game mode” and then hit enter.

You will notice a single button that can be switched on/off in a single click in the settings window that pops up. Really simple!

It’s Okay…

So you’re probably wondering if optimization software you can buy is even worth it anymore or asking yourself how well Windows 10 Game Mode performs.

First let’s go over how well it performs. Some users have reported that Windows 10 Game Mode makes their performance worse. In these kinds of scenarios, the simplest solution to fix this performance issue is to switch off the Game Mode setting.

Like with any optimization software, the performance you get out of them solely depends on how powerful your system is and what kinds of games you play, so keep those two thoughts in mind.

I recommend doing a couple of tests to get the best out of your FPS. Try to get a frames per second counter to see how many FPS your games are getting with Windows 10 Game Mode activated.

If you are using Steam, it comes with a built in FPS counter for your games. To activate the Steam FPS counter follow these steps:

  1. Open up the Steam program.
  2. In the top left corner of the screen, click on “Steam”.
  3. Click on “Settings”.
  4. Go to “In Game”.
  5. You will see an option called “In-game FPS counter”.
  6. Select whichever option you like the most in the drop down box.
  7. I personally like to display my FPS on the “Top-left” part of the screen.
  8. Additional Options: There’s a checkbox for enabling “high contrast color” if you have a hard time seeing the FPS numbers.
  9. After you are finished configuring your settings hit the “OK” box.

After testing your games with and without Windows 10 Game Mode, compare the FPS and decide whether it actually benefits you or not.

It’s common for people with really powerful computers to not really notice any improvements and common for people with lower end gaming PC’s to notice some improvements.

The truth is Windows 10 Game Mode is great in some areas, depending on your type of system, but there are other game optimization software out there you can get your hands on that can really make a difference in your gaming performance.

I think that some optimization software that you can buy can go well with or without the Windows 10 Game Mode, like I said it really depends on the games you plan on playing and your type of computer.

Just make sure to experiment and compare your FPS so you can use the process of elimination to find what suits your system best.

In addition, try to do some research in what systems work best with the optimization software and what games are supported.

If you are interested in paid gaming optimization software and want to learn more about them feel free to read my post on my review of CPUCores.

I personally think if you have the right kind of system specifications that I talk about in the review, it can be one of the best optimization software out there for gaming. So don’t hesitate to check it out!

Auto HDD Optimization?

Windows 10 has outstanding built-in defragging software bundled with it. By default, Windows 10 optimizes all your drives to ensure that your computer runs smoothly and loads faster.

Defragging can be a really slow process, but I found that Windows 10 does it pretty fast when compared to other defragmenting software.

To see if Windows 10 is automatically optimizing your drives follow these steps:

  1. Press the Start button and type in “defrag” then hit enter.
  2. Under “Scheduled Optimization” it should say “On”.
  3. For the frequency I recommend setting it to weekly.
  4. To see if all your drives are being optimized click “Change settings”.
  5. Under “Drives” click “Choose” then select all the drives you want to optimize.

If you want to read more about speeding up your system and haven’t read my post on speeding up slow computers be sure to read more here. Very valuable information!

Auto SSD Too?

If you don’t have a HDD, I am aware that some people are concerned about whether they should defrag their SSD or not.

The good news is that you don’t have to worry about defragging your computer if you are running Windows 7+ because it does all the thinking for you. If you want to learn more about defragging SSD’s click here to read my post on it.

It’s Everywhere!

There are tons of different ways you can optimize your computer and make it perform better. Be careful and strategically setup your computer for success so you can enjoy your gaming.

If you want to learn even more about optimization and can’t get enough of this kind of content read more here for even more tips.

If its stuff you already know, then it will be great for review, but if its stuff you don’t know then it will still be worth learning. It’s a win-win situation no matter what you do!

I write this kind of content to provide you with the resources and help for becoming a better PC gamer. I really hope you are finding these tips useful and I encourage you to let me know what you think about them in the comments.

Happy gaming!



  1. Hey Austin and I am glad to have stopped in to read this article and have now done what you suggested on my PC so next time we are gaming things should run a lot smoother.

    I also sorted out my defrag to auto which wasn’t switched so things will run even faster when this is completed regularly as you suggested

    I needed this as I bought my PC a few months ago and haven’t done much updated or anything really except work. Thank you for your help today

    I have bookmarked this site too as it is a great place to keep on track with the jobs that need doing on my computer so thank you so much

    1. Author

      Hey Vicki, I’m glad you found my article useful. Thank you for reading and commenting too. Defragging can really help your system out. I like that it can be utilized to not only help with gaming load speeds, but help with ones overall system performance as well and boot times.

  2. Thanks for this informative post, Windows 10 game optimization does indeed work as I have seen people try to get a game to run at its best while using the least amount of hardware resource, which can be done by simply adjusting their coding or adjusting the appearance and performance of Windows, I guess that would work.

    1. Author

      Hey Seun, I’m glad the Windows 10 built in game optimization software works for you! And like you said, adjusting the appearance and performance of Windows, that can also help quite a bit! I actually talk a little bit about that in one of my posts called “How to Optimize PC Gaming For Better Performance“. Thank you for reading and commenting, happy gaming!

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