Why are Mechanical Keyboards Better? – Is it Really True That They Are?

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There is a war. Which side will you choose? Are you all for team membrane or all for team mechanical? You still don’t know which side you are on?

That’s okay. At first, they may nearly look the same, but when you look at what’s inside, that’s all that matters! So there are two different types of keyboards out there.

(1) Membrane and…

(2) Mechanical

There are a lot of people who prefer mechanical over membrane and a lot of people who prefer membrane over mechanical.

I am one of those people who prefer mechanical over membrane so I’m here to tell you why I love mechanical keyboards more than membrane ones. So why are mechanical keyboards better? I’ll get to that in a moment…

Just to let you know, it’s okay if you disagree with me, that’s cool if you are a membraner. I mean as long as you enjoy it and find it useful to you when gaming then that’s all good.

Furiously Pounding Keys! Okay, Not Really…

Okay I have a feeling this is going to get some mixed reactions, but sometimes I enjoy the clicking sound that mechanical keyboards make.

The only time I hated the clicking sound was when I’ve tried to game and talk to someone online because they always used to comment on how loud it was, then you feel a bit awkward.

I used to get so many comments on how loud my keyboard was that I eventually got used to it. It was almost like I became a mind reader because I knew that they were going to comment on how loud my keyboard is.

It was awkward, but almost funny at the same time because some people don’t understand the arts and ways of mechanical keyboards and think you are furiously pounding your keyboard or something.

The funny part is that I’m not furiously pounding the keys on my keyboard and mechanical keyboards are just really loud. For owners of mechanical keyboards, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

My microphone is a desktop microphone so I can only put it so close to the edge of my desk without it falling off, but I’m sure I could find an optimal range of sound reduction if I was able to mount my microphone to the wall and then put it really close to my mouth with the gain on low settings.

I currently utilize push-to-talk with the combination of having my mic on low gain settings along with some audio software running in the background filtering the noise.

This has helped me filter a lot of the noises my keyboard makes and things have been a bit smoother. Another thing you can do with mechanical keyboards is get some rubber dampeners to help reduce even more noise.

Spring Cleaning

Okay, it’s finally time for you to do something about that filthy keyboard. It isn’t looking as nice as when you bought it because enemies dust and debris have entered the chat.

So what are you going to do about it? If you have a membrane keyboard it’s usually more difficult to clean your keyboard because of the positioning of the keys.

But with a mechanical keyboard, it should be a lot easier to air dust that baby because there tends to be larger gaps under mechanical keyboards.

And if you need to remove a key, it’s a lot easier to remove a key from a mechanical keyboard without breaking it. With mechanical keyboards you could even remove all the keys if you really wanted to do some deep cleaning on it.

I personally wouldn’t do this all the time though because it might eventually wear out the keys if you are constantly taking them off and on, but that’s just me being extra cautious.

Mechanical keyboards are pretty durable so don’t worry too much about that. In addition, you really don’t need to be deep cleaning your keyboard every month. (At least I’d hope).

You could do a yearly deep cleaning on it, or even try to air dust it without taking all the keys off and see how that works out.

By the way, be careful when using certain air dusters because sometimes there is liquid inside of them (it helps generate the air inside the compressed air can) that can accidentally spray out.

Once I was air dusting my computer and some liquid came out of the air duster even after shaking it and following the all the instructions correctly. Luckily my computer survived and didn’t get killed by it!

So remember, computers and electronics (like keyboards) hate liquids or any type of watery substance! So be careful with removing the keys off of the keyboard and using an air duster.

We’re Taking Heavy Damage

broken-keyboardOkay lets be honest. Mechanical keyboards are tanks and membrane keyboards are DPS. DPS tends to have lower health while tanks can soak up higher damage.

Not to bash team membrane, but just from experience, they tends to have a weaker and cheaper feel to them. But maybe I just had a cheap membrane keyboard.

I’ve heard that there are some good membrane keyboards out there and that’s probably true, but I’m still all for team mechanical.

One of membrane keyboards that I used to own had the paint coming off the WASD and shift keys. In addition, the shift button had a big dent in the plastic. RIP my old gaming membrane keyboard!

But seriously, mechanical keyboards are heavy, sturdy, and strong. And if a key does happen to dent or break, they can easily be replaced with other keys too.

In addition, they can handle tens of millions of presses, which is why mechanical keyboards are so durable.

No Ghosts Here

As a gamer you often hit a lot of keys at once with those quick reflexes you got, but sometimes you get ghosted if you are using a membrane keyboard.

Ghosting is when you press multiple keys at a time, but the computer doesn’t register it and it seems to have disappeared.

However, you can avoid ghosting with mechanical keyboards because they can take multiple keys being thrown at them at once and you don’t have to press all the way down on the keys for them to register too.

This means you can type faster with less fatigue and press multiple keys at once without the computer even missing a single key on your keyboard!

Wakka wakka!


What do you Think?

You can use this article as a guide, if you don’t know what type of keyboards you like more. If you still aren’t sure I recommend trying different types of keyboards.

Some stores have mechanical keyboards you can try out to see if you like them.

Be careful though because there are different types of mechanical keyboards with different types of switches and feels to them. (e.g. Cherry MX Black, Brown, etc.)

I personally love Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboards because they feel great for both gaming and typing. They feel balanced and if they were any easier to press they would feel a little annoying to use.

I love mechanical keyboards over membrane ones and never want to go back to using a membrane keyboard again because they feel so much better to me.

There are people though that like membrane keyboards more than mechanical ones and that’s okay, I mean as long as they enjoy it. Remember, gaming is all about enjoying it and suiting it to your own personality.

I personally think mechanical keyboards are better for gaming because they are so customizable and tends to be better at performing.

But with all the great things that come with mechanical keyboards comes a cost and it’s usually expensive to get your hands on one. Membrane keyboards tends to be cheaper, but I’ve seen some expensive membraners out there.

Always do a lot of research before getting a mechanical keyboard to ensure that you will like it or not. All the different types of switches can be confusing, but there are a lot of resources out there.

Do plenty of research on the different switch types and maybe even look at gifs at how the different switch types function in mechanical keyboards.

There are some amazing membrane and mechanical keyboards out there. Some have extra keys on them that you can personally program to use for macros.

Some even have braided cables and extra USB ports on them so you can plug peripherals, flash drives, or whatever you’d like into your keyboard.

Others have lots of useful short cuts like an easy to access adjustable sound volume with stop, back, forward, mute, and pause/play buttons along with light indicators to let you know if your caps lock is on and what not.

Some keyboards even have dockable charging phone stations, which is pretty sick and just flat out awesome!

Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed my thoughts on both mechanical and membrane keyboards and that you find this kind of content useful and interesting.

If you have any questions about mechanical or membrane keyboards or telling me how you feel about this topic, I encourage you to leave a comment.

And as always, happy gaming!


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