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What is PC Gaming About? – My Thoughts

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Technology never ceases to amaze me, especially in the world of PC gaming.

There is always something new every year, whether it be a new game, an update to previously bought games, or perhaps better hardware such as a new graphics card.

It can be difficult to keep up with all this new technology and to understand it.

Even if you are a PC gaming tech wiz it can be difficult to choose great games, hardware, and accessories because there are so many variations of them.

When we have so many choices to choose from it becomes more difficult to pick something. What is PC gaming about?

Whether you want to play a game for a laugh, or be a perfectionist and try to collect all the achievements, or simply just enjoy the game, what PC gaming is about is what you choose it to be about.

But how do you know what you want from PC gaming?

What I Think I Want Isn’t What I Want

What if I told you I wanted to be a perfectionist and try to collect all the achievements in a game, but then told also that I didn’t want that.

Makes things a lot more confusing doesn’t it? There are a lot of gamers out there that think they need to unlock all the achievements in a game.

I say that it all depends on what you want from a game and the kind of game it is. Are the achievements even worth your time? Are they poorly created achievements?

How about ridiculous achievements that you really don’t want to do, but because you want to get all the achievements you must get them and it ends up feeling like a chore.

Maybe the achievements aren’t so bad. In fact maybe it’s a type of game where the achievements flow with the story line in synchronization.

Maybe the achievements are fun to get because you find certain ones in particular fun, or maybe you just like collecting achievements in general.

You know what this kind of thinking reminds me of?

If you love paradoxes and video games you probably thought of The Stanley Parable. Or perhaps you thought of Schrödinger’s cat. Maybe neither, but that’s alright.

Relax, My Friend

Intrigued or bogged down by my philosophical antics, take a deep breath in and relax my friend.

What I just showed you is an example of how confused the mind can get when faced with such simple yet complicated questions.

I know I only applied this question to gaming achievements earlier, but when you think about it, it can be applied with other similar questions such as picking PC gaming accessories, components, and buying new games.

Where are all of these questions coming from? From personal experience I would say it’s a domino effect because you think of one question then before you know it another question comes out of nowhere.

Should I be asking all these questions? Well yes and no.

It’s great to ask yourself questions before making decisions as it’s part of your research. Why would you want to buy a game if you aren’t even going to like it?

Most of us don’t want to waste money on a game we won’t even enjoy so before even buying it we research it.

The problem with too many questions is not the too many questions, but the knowing where you are in the swamp of questions and in addition to answering the right kind of questions.

One Step at a Time

First you need to know where you are when you are lost and when you have a swamp full of questions surrounding you.

Try to find the main idea and what started all of these questions. In other words find the first question that you asked that caused all of these other questions to appear.

Once you find this first question focus on the question itself and nothing else.

Try to break the question down into chunks so that you can figure things out one step at a time and be sure to organize these chunks into steps descending from the main question.

Understanding the root cause is really useful for understanding the situation as a whole.

To be Enjoyable or Not to be?

PC gaming in general isn’t about having a bad time, it’s about having an enjoyable experience whether it be about your hardware functioning well enough for you or the game content itself.

What are others saying about the game? Does it have good reviews overall?

What are your goals? Do you want to run PC games fully maxed out on epic settings at 60 fps? Maybe you can’t afford the hardware for that, but would you still enjoy the game at 60 fps on medium settings?

When it comes to anything related to PC gaming think about if you would enjoy it or not. Don’t even bother buying a game if you aren’t going to enjoy it or it will just be a waste.

Weighing All Odds

Just remember that when you start asking yourself a lot of questions, find the very first question you asked. It will most likely be the main idea of all of your other questions.

Focus on that question breaking it down into smaller chunks descending from the main idea.

There are pros and cons for anything and everything. Everyone has a different method of weighing the odds because everybody is different. PC gaming is all about enjoying gaming on your computer.

Everyone has different tastes so you need to find what you think you like in PC gaming, do enough research until you know for sure you’d like it, and then choose accordingly.

Weigh the pros and cons based on your personality and what you like. If you are interested enough in a game, you would’ve likely done a lot of research on the game already.

Now weigh the pros and cons of your research and include your interests into the equation as well to see if it’s something you’d like.

Well, this is my take on what PC gaming is about and I hope you find it useful. Whatever your thoughts may be let me know in the comments. Remember it’s all about finding something you like and enjoying it!

As always, happy gaming!



  1. Hi
    Some interesting points on gaming here, never really had the hand eye coordination to get beyond the lower levels myself lol… You mention some good things to think about though and maybe I should reevaluate my ‘abilities’ and ‘needs’ now I have read this page. Who knows where it may lead lol…..

    Great site!


    1. Author

      Hey Craig, thank you for reading my post and commenting! Do whatever you feel comfortable doing in gaming and don’t let it stress you out. It’s all about having fun and finding games that suit your personality.

      Thank you for your time,


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