What is a Gaming PC

What is a Gaming PC? – What You Should Know

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You probably are aware that computers are everywhere. Most people know that they are common, but they aren’t aware how common they are.

For instance there are computers in modern cars, coffee makers, and even your phone is considered a computer. Believe it or not, some people didn’t know that.

So if you’re a student and you like to do classwork on your phone when your class allows computers yet the teacher doesn’t approve of having your phone out, just tell them it’s technically a computer.

(Just kidding, don’t get in trouble!) There are also personal computers which is what PC stands for, but there are different kinds of PCs like gaming and consumer ones.

In addition, there is console gaming which takes many forms as well. There are different consoles by different companies with some of them being portable and some of them not.

Consoles are considered computers as well. So what is a gaming PC then?

Understanding Computers

First lets get a broad look at what computers are. Computers are designed to process different operations of code.

Every computer is programmed in a certain way to process these operations. When these computers follow a set of operations they are called programs.

Computers are so flexible and have a wide range of uses. There are so many programs designed for so many tasks.

Every computer has a set of different parts within it to keep it running like a CPU and memory. The central processing unit (CPU) processes different forms of operations.

Computers usually have input devices that the user can use to control it. Examples of this are mice, keyboards, and gaming controllers).

There are also commonly output devices that can be connected to computers such as screens/monitors and printers.

Gaming PCs

Gaming PCs are very flexible, meaning they can be used for a variety of things. For example surfing the web, watching videos, playing video game’s and whatever you like to do.

The thing with personal computers is that they can be completely built by you with custom selected parts or you can buy pre-built ones.

Some companies even let you choose what parts you want and then build it for you. Gaming PC prices can vary depending on how powerful you want it to be, but generally they are pretty pricey.

There are different level of builds for gaming PCs. There are low-end budget gaming PCs for people who want to get into gaming, but can’t afford an expensive rig.

There are mid-range gaming PCs which are designed to run almost any game, but most of the time not on maximum graphic settings.

And then there are high-end gaming rigs which can run almost any game at maximum graphic settings.

Before building or buying a gaming computer it’s generally best to know what video game’s you want to play on it because the developers usually release information and what specs are required to run game’s.

Not all PC game’s are created equal, which is why you should make sure your computer is capable of running it. Below is an example of what kind of system you need to run the game Subnautica for the PC.

Minimum is bare bones while recommended insures a better gaming experience for whatever particular title you are playing.

Spec Notes

Gaming PCs are better at processing graphics due to their higher end GPU’s (graphic processing units) than the integrated graphics on a consumer personal computer, that is if it even has a CPU chip with integrated graphics.

Gaming PCs generally need more storage than a normal computer as well because game’s take up a lot of storage. If you don’t have enough storage for a game then of course you can’t play it.

If you took physics you are aware that the more energy you have the more of it will transfer off as heat.

Gaming computers usually require more electricity than a normal computer and with all this energy being converted to heat means that you need better cooling.

Whether it be more fans or liquid cooling, temperature can affect how long a computer lives or even cause it to malfunction and slow down if it gets too hot.

I remember when one of my old gaming computers that I owned started acting up and shutting down due to heat problems. It’s every gamers nightmare!

Gaming PCs usually have better audio, CPU’s, motherboards, and ram as well than any old regular computer.

It’s also easier to upgrade a computer and very difficult to upgrade a console because they aren’t very good at upgrading.

There are portable gaming laptops and stationary gaming desktops as well. Be careful when making your decisions based on the hardware they have.

If we are talking about GPU’s for example, a laptop may have a GTX 970M while a desktop has a GTX 970.

While they both sound the same notice the “M” at the end of GTX 970M which means it is a smaller version designed to fit into laptops.

This in essence means that the laptop version isn’t as powerful as a full size desktop GTX 970. So be careful and always pay attention to even the littlest of details within the specifications!

Console Consolation

Aren’t consoles computers too though? So what makes them different? Yes consoles are computers, but what makes them different than a gaming PC is who designed it and what they are designed for.

Consoles are generally more comfortable to deal with than personal computers because they were designed in mind to play game’s.

The companies that design consoles specifically made these capable of running whatever game’s were meant to be used on them.

Some of the latest consoles out as of now are the PlayStation 4 Pro, Microsoft Xbox One S, the New Nintendo 2DS XL, and the Nintendo Switch.

Both consoles and gaming PCs usually have a set of exclusive game’s that can only be played on a specific platform.

For example the video game Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition can only be played on the PS4 and nowhere else.

Some consoles such as the PS4 require a subscription only if you want to play game’s online with other players and get other perks such as discounts on game’s, but if you don’t want to do any of that it isn’t required.

Consumer Personal Computers

Consumer personal computers generally are designed to do simpler tasks than a gaming computer and usually cost less than them.

Consumer personal computers can’t run high end game’s because they aren’t powerful enough to.

There are some game’s consumer personal computers can run, but they are really low demanding game’s like Solitaire.

Some, but not all consumer personal computers have integrated graphics processing for processing graphics in the CPU, but it’s no match for an external GPU which is exponentially more powerful.

Consumer Personal computers usually don’t have GPU’s other than that which is a major difference between them and a gaming PC build.

Consumer personal computers generally use less electricity while gaming computers use more which means they don’t need as much cooling as a gaming PC.

They are generally made for businesses, schools and people in need of a computer who aren’t gamers or animators.

There are portable consumer personal computers like tablets and laptops. In addition, there are desktops as well.


There are many gaming platforms out there, so it’s good to understand the differences of them all if you want to understand what a gaming PC is.

It’s also good to know the difference between a consumer personal computer and a gaming personal computer.

If you are into doing everything you can do on a consumer PC in addition to gaming on it as well, you should try to invest in a gaming PC.

But before investing be sure to do research on what game’s you are going to be playing and check the system requirements for running those game’s.

Especially if you are planning into getting into VR (virtual reality) because it won’t even run unless your system is VR ready in hardware.

Whether you be on a budget or want to get the best out of those game’s will also determine if you want a computer with minimal, mid-tier, or maximum settings.

If you don’t set a price range and try to go for the best of the best in PC gaming, be careful because it will turn into what seems to be an endless pool of money required for it.

Be sure to do plenty of research on computer components and to get familiar with them if you want to get into PC gaming because it’s good to know what it’s capable of and if it’s what you are looking for.

Well like always, I hope you found what you were looking for in this information age of a world we live in. Intrigued or not you maybe I’m still always wishing you the best!



  1. Hi Austin,
    After reading all your great information, now I understand my son. He is a big gamer and often I think the things he wants and buys is. Bit much. I had no idea of the differences!
    I’ve gotten a better view now. Lol

    1. Author

      Hi Ricia,
      Thank you for reading my post and I’m glad you found it useful. I’m happy to see you have a better view on it now. Wishing you the best! 🙂


  2. Great article Austin, I’m more of a console gamer but I understand how expensive a gaming PC can be and although I don’t know all the bells and whistles that go into building a gaming PC, your article has surely gave me a better understanding.

  3. This article has given me a whole new insight as to why my son keeps telling me he needs an upgraded fan on his computer. A couple of years ago we spend about $2500 on his computer that he build himself. Now that he goes to college full-time so I said he didn’t have to work as he did in high school, and he keeps bugging me for this fan he wants. So I walk into his room and he’s got two air blowing fans on his computer thing and I’m thinking what the heck. I should have paid attention in school so thanks for the lesson on why he needs a new fan. Getting him the new fan will be the best in the long run or I’ll be paying another $2500 sooner than later. Dang physics!

    1. Author

      Hey Jason,
      Haha, yes gaming computer prices can greatly vary depending on what each one needs, but in the end it’s usually pretty expensive. I’m glad you found it useful and I hope everything works out! 🙂

  4. Love how detailed this is explaining the exact specifics!! It’s very great and informative content!! Being a gamer myself, I didn’t know this much about computer gaming!

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