Vehicles in Subnautica

Vehicles in Subnautica – Are They Really That Good?

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As an individual interested in technology and oceanography, the game Subnautica easily became one of my favorites. What is oceanography you may ask?

Oceanography is basically everything in Subnautica because it’s the scientific study of the ocean, the exploration, depth, topography, the life that dwells within it, etc.

What I really love about the exploration in Subnautica is the technology used to explore this vast underwater world and to study the lifeforms in it.

Vehicles in Subnautica are one of the greatest things about the game because they are designed to aid your exploration in this beautifully designed planet.

I think that a lot of survival games are missing out on what Subnautica has to make it stand out. For example a lot of survival games think they need to make things too realistic.

I think that it’s good to be realistic for certain aspects of the game, but it’s okay to make the game play unrealistic if it’s done in a good way.

What I love about Subnautica is that they really have a lot of exploration and fun for you to do instead of grinding resources all day.

Subnautica is really balanced in getting resources to build structures and forms of transportation like the vehicles in the game, which is why I really love the game.

Instead of harvesting trees all day, you are exploring unique and different life forms. The developers were really creative and careful when creating this masterpiece of a game.

Some developers even think the graphics have to be realistic, which is okay, but what I like about Subnautica’s graphics is that they don’t feel like a bunch of textures slapped everywhere.

The textures look like something from a Pixar film (yeah I know that’s a bit of an exaggeration!) and make it look like a unique, yet graphically attractive game. I’m only going to be talking about vehicles that you can craft and pilot, so a big sorry to the Aurora and Sunbeam!

The Seaglide

subnautica-seaglide-darkThe Seaglide may be small, but I found it really useful for my exploration in Subnautica. Sometimes a submarine can’t fit in small caves or areas, and that is when you need to use this guy.

The Seaglide is similar to a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) except I feel like it travels way faster than the ones used in real life.

It’s really useful because it is portable and can be carried with you anywhere, that is as long as you have enough room in your inventory.

It is a handheld that enables you to travel quickly underwater. At times, it can be useful for getting away from predators, but sometimes they are too fast for you.

When you are about to run out of oxygen and need to surface as quickly as possible, I found myself using the Seaglide more than the Air Bladder utility.

In addition, the Seaglide has a built in light for exploring in the dark, which comes in handy.

The light isn’t very broad and it can still be hard to see around the edges of your character, but it has a decent focus for the front of you, that is if you are close enough to whatever is in front of you.

On top of the Seaglide is a holograph that displays topographical data to help you visualize your surroundings in a 3D type of map form, which is really useful for cave exploration.

The only thing I really don’t like about the Seaglide is the batteries. It will eat up those batteries like candies and you will find yourself always trying to replace the battery with a new one.

I guess the Seaglide can’t have everything or that would make it overpowered. There needs to be balance and some challenge in games.

At least there are rechargeable battery stations that you can use to recharge all the batteries you are going to be using.

The Seamoth

The Seamoth is one of my favorite submarines in Subnautica because it’s fast, small, and smooth to drive. It isn’t a submarine that you can walk around in and it’s more of an underwater type of car.

I love to speed up inside the Seamoth and jump out of the surface of the water with it.

There are hangars in Subnautica that you can land your Seamoth in called Moonpool’s. You can upgrade your submarine here and customize the colors while it charges.

The Seamoth is powered off of a single power cell.

Some upgrades are:

  • Storage – For carrying any cargo, can stack with multiple modules and each module has 16 slots.
  • Wide range of Depth Modules to increase how deep you can go (MK1 – MK3).
  • Sonar Module – Helps you find and navigate caves. This module also helps you see better in the dark.
  • Perimeter Defense System – Sends an electrical shock wave to stun creatures after you.
  • Torpedo System – Fires vortex torpedo’s that traps creatures in a whirl wind. Gas torpedo’s can be fired too, which spew poisonous gas.
  • Hull Reinforcement Module – Reduces the impact of damage from collisions. Multiple Hull Reinforcement Modules can be stacked.
  • Engine Efficiency Module – Reduces power consumption by 15%.
  • Solar Charger Module – Enables you to charge your Seamoth in the sunlight.

There are only four different upgrade slots and if I had to pick four out of this list it would be:

  • The Perimeter Defense System because it helps ward off creatures trying to damage your Seamoth and I don’t want to have to build a new Seamoth if it gets destroyed. I think it’s better than always having to craft torpedo’s for the Torpedo System.
  • The MK3 Depth Module for going up to 900 meters under water. Very crucial for exploration.
  • Storage – I would rather have more space for storing spare batteries and resources than have my power consumption reduced by 15%.
  • Solar Charger Module – I like to let my Seamoth sit and charge in the sun. The only time this isn’t useful is when you are really deep in a cave or when its nighttime and you can’t charge it.

With all the pros that come with the Seamoth come some cons as well. The Seamoth is very weak when it comes to health and it can easily be destroyed.

Even slightly bumping into a wall can damage your Seamoth and some creatures can do a significant amount of damage too. So what I like to do is always keep a repair tool with me to constantly fix the damages on my Seamoth.

The PRAWN Suit

The PRAWN suit is an amazing tool for exploring the floor of the sea in my opinion. This exosuit allows you to do the impossible and with it you can conquer the underwater world!

That is if you don’t let it get destroyed or hopefully it doesn’t glitch and fall through the ground like mine did before. It has water jets used to hover and fly underwater, but the starting jets aren’t very powerful.

So don’t expect to go too high using this suit because it’s mostly for treading the sea floor and be careful not to get it stuck down an abyss.

Once I went off the edge of the map into the abyss of Subnautica and almost lost my suit down there. The PRAWN suit is capable of being stored and charged in the Moonpool just like the Seamoth too.

The default arms on the PRAWN suit without any additional arm attachments are capable of punching really hard and in addition, this exosuit has two power cell slots for storing the electricity needed to run it.

It can be customized and some upgrades are:

  • Storage [Vehicle Upgrade] – Has 16 slots for carrying resources. (Keep in mind the PRAWN suit already has a built in storage module by default and any further storage modules added to it just increase the amount of storage).
  • Depth Modules (MK1 – MK2) [Vehicle Upgrade] – The different levels of depth modules range from granting you the ability to go from 900m to 1300m (MK1 Model) and from 900m to 1700m (MK2 Model).
  • Thermal Reactor Module [Vehicle Upgrade] – Standing near heat can charge the batteries in this vehicle with this upgrade module, but be careful not to stand in lava because it will damage your PRAWN suit.
  • Jump Jet Upgrade Module [Vehicle Upgrade] – By default your PRAWN suit is equipped with thrusters for jumping underwater, but this upgrade enables you to have more powerful thrusters for stronger jumps.
  • Drill Arm Module [Arm Attachment] – Can’t harvest the smaller resources, but it can harvest the clusters or otherwise known as large resource deposits.
  • Propulsion Cannon Arm Module [Arm Attachment] – Built to be able to retract and push objects with a powerful force.
  • Grappling Arm Module [Arm Attachment] – Allows you to hook and swing across the ocean terrain.
  • Torpedo Arm Module [Arm Attachment] – Allows you to fire torpedo’s from your exosuit.

And like every upgrade, there are only so many you can choose from to fit in the 6 different slots in this vehicle. Although there are 6 different slots, this vehicle in particular only allows 4 vehicle upgrade slots and 2 arm attachment upgrades.

For my 2 arm attachment upgrades I personally like to have:

  • The Grappling Arm Module for grappling and climbing up the underwater mountains.
  • The Drill Arm Module for self defense and drilling resources.

And for the 4 vehicle upgrade slots I like to have:

  • Storage because I always feel like I need more room for storing resources.
  • An MK2 Depth Module for reaching the maximum depth of 1700m.
  • The Thermal Reactor Module is really useful for charging it because all you need is something hot by you.
  • The Jump Jet Upgrade Module because like I said before, the PRAWN suit jets aren’t very powerful at the start of getting one.

The Cyclops

Ah the Cyclops! The only submarine in Subnautica that allows you to fully walk around in it like a room. I guess you could call it an advanced futuristic mobile home designed to travel under water.

It is capable of fitting a Seamoth or a PRAWN suit inside of it for charging. Yeah that’s right! This thing is not only your mobile home, but basically a Moonpool too!

This vehicle is powerful when you compare it to the Seamoth because I bump into things all the time with this massive machine and nothing ever happens to it.

Although it has many pros, in the wood’s something lurks… And you want to know what that is? It’s the cons! Yes there’s always going to be cons when there are pros and vice versa!

Pro: It is a huge submarine that you can walk inside with awesome stuff in it like locker storages, holograms, and more!

Con: Because it’s so big it can feel awkward to pilot sometimes and it has 6 power cells that never seem to be enough energy for this power hungry beast of a machine!

Oh well! That’s the sacrifice you need to pay for it being so big, and it’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to take for such an awesome sub! But all the power cell energy consumption of this submarine still drives me crazy!

You can customize the Cyclops right after building it because it has an area with a customization console built right inside of the vehicle itself!

Like every other vehicle we talked about so far, except for the Seaglide, the Cyclops has different upgrade modules as well and some of them are:

  • Depth Modules (MK1 – MK3) – The default crush depth of the Cyclops is 500m, but can be upgraded to withstand a maximum of 1700m!
  • Engine Efficiency Module – You are able to increase the efficiency of the engine by 300%! More than one can be crafted too.
  • Thermal Reactor Module – Receive energy from hot things!
  • Shield Generator Module – Useful for generating shields to protect you from creatures that want a bite out of you!
  • Sonar Upgrade Module – Great for scanning the terrain to find hidden caves.
  • Docking Bay Repair Module – Repair your damaged vehicles that can be docked inside the Cyclops.
  • Fire System Supression Module – Don’t let your Cyclops be a victim of fires when you can get this nifty new fire suppression system for putting it out!

I love all these different vehicle upgrades in Subnautica because they allow you to progress through the game and adapt to the difficulty of it. You can have up to six upgrades so choose wisely!

If you want to hear more about what I think about of the Cyclops feel free to read more here. This vessel is so detailed and amazing that it deserved to have its very own page!

It’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

Also, be careful when reading any further below because it may contain a craftable related end game spoiler!

The Neptune Escape Rocket

Yes! The Rocket! Now don’t get your hopes up too much. While you are able to craft this massive piece of star bound high speed space transportation you aren’t able to actually pilot it and the game controls what happens to it.

This is supposed to be used for escaping Planet 4546B, but do you actually escape it? When you enter the rocket there are storages in it just like the Cyclops.

You can put whatever items you desire to store in these lockers and if you climb to the very top there is a chair you can sit in for “piloting” it.

There is also a time capsule storage for uploading a screenshot or placing any items in it for other players to find sunken at the bottom of the ocean like treasure.

I would tell you more about the Neptune Escape Rocket, but I’ve already said enough! I don’t want to spoil the game for those reading this who haven’t played or finished Subnautica yet.

Just to let you know though, there’s way more to the game Subnautica than just this rocket and it’s a really great game.

The Final Countdown

Well those are all the craftable vehicles in Subnautica! I really like the way the developers made the upgrade systems in them and the designs of the vehicles are so aesthetically pleasing to look at.

When it comes to making vehicles, Subnautica really excels at this and they are really fun to create and use.

Subnautica Below Zero (the sequel to Subnautica) is already in early access and I can’t wait to see how it turns out until the end of development in early access.

I already have a post talking about the different vehicles in Subnautica Below Zero so far and some other things like the biomes.

I really hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the vehicles in Subnautica or even found this post useful.

If you have any questions about the vehicles in Subnautica, I encourage you to leave a comment! Feel free to give me any feedback or ideas too if there is something you feel like I should do.

I wish you the best and as always, happy gaming!


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