The Best Computer Gaming Mouse – What it Should Have!

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So your keyboard needs a trusty sidekick, but it isn’t going to settle for some weak sauce! It needs a strong buddy to be with. With all the different mice in the world though how will you ever find the best computer gaming mouse?

It’s time for you to pack your bags because we are going on a journey! A journey to find the one and only best gaming mouse!

Piloting Your Ship

Sure you have a keyboard to operate on, but you are still missing its buddy… the mouse! Without a good gaming mouse your gaming experience won’t be at the top.

If you want to have full control of your ship you need to not only have an excellent gaming keyboard, but a great gaming mouse as well!

Be sure to get a gaming mouse with lots of extra buttons on it and make sure they are all fully programmable so you can key bind it to your hearts desires.

Sometimes there are buttons on your keyboard that games use which are way too far from the WASD keys and being able to instantly activate one of those keys on a mouse at the press of a thumb can really save you, especially in fast pace environments!

Make sure the extra buttons are also laid out in positions that best suit your needs and don’t feel awkward for you. However many buttons you want your mouse to have is all up to you, I personally have a gaming mouse with 11 different buttons.

Pew Pew DPI!

Having an adjustable DPI (dots per inch) on a mouse is really useful. The DPI basically controls how fast the mouse moves on your screen depending on how much you move it.

The higher the DPI the less movement your mouse needs for the cursor to move quicker and the lower the DPI the more movement your mouse needs for the cursor to move.

The DPI is especially useful in shooter games depending on what role you have. For example, if you are a sniper, then you want to have better precision and accuracy, so you would want to have a low DPI.

But what if you just want to play as a soldier on the battle field spraying bullets everywhere at enemies? Then you want to have a higher DPI.

Some gaming mice can go up to 16,000 DPI and as low as 200 DPI. I recommend getting a gaming mouse with at least 3 DPI buttons built into it.

One button for making the DPI higher, the other for lowering the DPI, and one for resetting the DPI to its default level.

Optical or Laser?

PC GamingYou also want the mouse to be a high quality gaming mouse with an accurate sensor, but there a laser mice and then there are optical mice. So which one should you get?

First lets look at the differences between laser and optical mice. Laser mice can be used on almost any surface, while optical mice can only be used on non-reflective surfaces.

The LED in optical mice are really good at tracking the surface of opaque objects, but terrible when it comes to glass. The laser in laser mice can go further down and even work on glass.

However, laser mice aren’t as responsive as optical mice and can sometimes cause movement issues. So go for an optical gaming mouse because they are better for gaming, but be sure to have an opaque mouse pad so that it functions properly.

Get a grip!

Everyone has a different way of gripping things, even mice! If you want to be the most comfortable you could ever be with your gaming mouse then you need to know what kind of grip you have.

There are three different kinds of grips I will be going through.

(1) Palm Grip

When you comfortably rest your fingers and palm on the mouse. Large mice with a slumped back tend to feel most comfortable for this grip type.

(2) Claw Grip

When you scrunch your hand up and make it look like a claw while gaming on a mouse. Large mice with a flatter top and longer back tend to feel the most comfortable for this type of grip.

(3) Fingertip Grip

When you rest your palm on the table itself instead of the mouse while at the same time keeping your fingers on the mouse. Smaller mice with a slumped top usually feel the most comfortable for people with this grip type.

Picking a Grip

Different Mouse Grip TypesNote that not all mice are limited to one of these grips, you could actually use any of these grip types on any mouse, but the comfort will vary depending on the design of the mouse shape.

Place your hand on a mouse (if you have one) and see what kind of grip type you have when holding onto it. This grip type will be your most natural and comfortable grip type, which means you should probably go with it.

Just keep your mouse grip type in mind when looking for a gaming mouse and what size you think you’d like so you can get the best out of the comfort.

Quality Always Matters

In addition to those features, you are going to constantly be clicking and using the gaming mouse so it needs to be built to withstand millions of clicks.

Make sure it’s a high quality mouse with mechanical switches and a braided cable. Mechanical switches last longer and can normally handle tens of millions of clicks.

There are wireless gaming mice too, but I wouldn’t recommend one because it has a chance of running out of batteries in the middle of gaming.

A wired gaming mouse will usually have a better connection than a wireless mouse. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t get a wireless gaming mouse because that’s up to you, but I personally wouldn’t get one.

A braided cable will protect the wire running from your mouse from rupturing or breaking open. Some gaming mice are such high quality that they even have rubberized side grips and metal mouse wheels.

Plus, some gaming mice are even designed to have adjustable weights so you can get the right feel for the movement and really optimize your gaming performance.

All of these signs within a mouse are signs of good quality because you can really tell the engineers thought about the usage of it and put themselves in the shoes of gamers.

Be sure to use common sense when looking for a gaming mouse and to really think about the quality. Ask yourself questions like, “Did the engineers really put the right amount of effort into this?” and “Is this something I’d really want?”

Always check the reviews too and apply common sense to them as well. I usually try to go for top rated products with a high density of reviews.

If a product is rated 5 out of 5 stars, but only has one review it doesn’t tell you if it’s actually good or not. For all you know that review could be fake, or if we look at this from a scientific point of view, an insufficient amount of data.

Having more reviews or in this case, a lot of data, greatly increases the reliability of the average reviews displayed.  In other words, more reviews equals more trust!

Working Together Well

So when looking at gaming mice, make sure it has as many extra buttons as you need. Be sure that the DPI is flexible as well and adjustable to suit yourself.

Keep in mind what design you are looking for and what mouse would feel the most comfortable for your grip type.

Don’t mix up laser mice with optical mice and remember that optical mice tend to be better for gaming. Also, always get a high quality mouse that seems to be made well.

Sometimes this step can be difficult because you don’t have the actual mouse itself in your hands, but try to use common sense and see how it’s designed and built.

Be sure to check the reviews as well and to carefully read the mouse specifications to see if it’s what you’re looking for. Be cautious and aware of fake reviews!

Now go locate your keyboards new sidekick using this blueprint of data so they can finally work together destroying their enemies!

If you are still having trouble finding a gaming mouse, I found what I believe to be the ultimate gaming mouse!

To me, it’s worth the investment because it’s flexible to your needs and I really think the engineers knew what they were doing when they designed this mouse because it’s right on the money!

I really hope you are finding these posts useful and hope they improve or expand your knowledge in PC gaming and as always happy gaming and for now, off I go!


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