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Subnautica Cyclops – What Even…

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You are diving around the beautiful Mushroom Forest looking for different fragments when you stumble upon a mysterious piece of metal. Is it just another piece of metal salvage that you can add to your collection of titanium resources?

You swim closer to it to get a better look at the “metal salvage” and it’s more than what you thought it’d be.

Yes! The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. What you were looking at wasn’t just any ordinary piece of metal, but something more important than what you were expecting.

You have been collecting various Subnautica Cyclops blueprints throughout different biomes earlier and all you had to get was one more Cyclops Hull Blueprint and there it was sitting right in front of you.

It’s ready to be scanned with your scanner and put into your blueprint database.

Before you started scanning the blueprint your excitement of discovering the blueprint caused you to completely ignore the oxygen warnings from your suit.

You frantically rush to the surface of the ocean for oxygen as your screen starts to go black.

Not knowing if you are going to make it or not you continue to go up and right before you’re about to pass out, you take a deep breath in and then cough up some salty water as you submerge to the surface.

The Blueprints Are All Mine!

Some of us have had a similar experience when getting blueprints before, especially when it’s for a totally awesome piece of technology like the Cyclops!

You totally forget about your oxygen indicators and then when you’re in the middle of scanning a blueprint you quickly rush to the surface to get some air.

Of course, you attempt to scan the rest of the blueprint afterwards so you can get it, especially if it’s a Cyclops blueprint!

Anyways today I want to talk about the Cyclops in the ocean planet game Subnautica and how my experience was with it.

The Cyclops is basically this huge submarine that you get to pilot and it’s really awesome and fun!

First lets start with the blueprints, there are 3 different types of blueprints needed for building the Cyclops.

(a) Three Cyclops Hull Blueprints

(b) Three Cyclops Engine Blueprints

(c) Three Cyclops Bridge Blueprints

Each of these 3 blueprints have 3 fragments you need to find. So in total you need to find and scan 9 different fragments if you want to unlock the Cyclops.

All of these fragments are located in various locations throughout the games map.

Just Build it!

You probably already constructed a Mobile Vehicle Bay and hopefully have all the materials you need to build this wonderful piece of simulated machinery.

You start placing the materials you collected in the Mobile Vehicle Bay…

(a) 3 Plasteel Ingots – Wow! That’s a lot of titanium you’ve been collecting there! Oh and the lithium too for making a plasteel ingot… The pain of finding enough lithium!

(b) 3 Enameled Glass – Okay just had to steal some Stalker Fish teeth and quartz from a cave full of Crash fish that want to blow you up for making the glass. Everything’s good though!

(c) 1 Lubricant – Oh yeah! I got me some Creepvine Seed Clusters and squeezed’em dry for my submarine lubricant!

(d) 1 Advanced Wiring Kit – Wait a minute this isn’t an advanced wiring kit, this is just a regular wiring kit! Nooo… I mixed them up! I guess it takes a wiring kit to make an advanced one anyway, so mise will get the gold and computer chip.

(e) 3 Lead – Hey I remember talking about this stuff in physics! But the only two words I remember are lead and radiation…

Okay the little robotic drones are out from the Mobile Vehicle Bay floating through the air constructing this massive vessel.

Seeing the work of beauty forming before my very eyes and then clashing with the oceans waves I go inside my very new Cyclops to be greeted with a deep “Welcome aboard captain, all systems online.” voice.

The Interior

The interior looks dope and has the potential to really help you with your expeditions. There is a dock built inside of the Cyclops that you can use to park your PRAWN suit (a type of exosuit) or Seamoth (a small single person submarine). It will automatically charge any vehicles that are docked in the Cyclops.

There are locker storage’s too for storing different items on the bottom floor. If you run out of room you can always place more storage containers on the top floor. Also, be sure to have enough food and water on your trips!

The engine room is located towards the back of the cyclops and has slots you can use to upgrade it. The front side of the Cyclops has a customization and piloting area.

Piloting Through the Ocean

Piloting a big submarine in the ocean can feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll get used to it and it’s really fun! I would always bump into things, so always check your Cyclops cameras as you are piloting it.

Oh and watch out for big scary monsters lurking within the ocean that want to snack on your sub. Now we wouldn’t want you to sink your brand new companion and abandon it at the bottom of the ocean floor.

It’s pretty easy to pilot the Cyclops and relaxing, unless you are being chased by something… The cyclops engine is powered by rechargeable batteries, but these batteries do run out pretty fast.

You may want to get some Cyclops upgrades as soon as possible. The Cyclops Efficiency Engine Modules are really useful at saving energy if you find your power draining out fast.

I’ve had my engine overheat before and a fire start, so always have a fire suppression system and if you don’t have one, be ready to grab a fire extinguisher!

I also find the cyclops shield generator useful for when multiple creatures are attacking you, but it does use a lot of power.

If you plan ongoing deep in the ocean get a depth module so you can do so. There are other Cyclops upgrade modules, but there are only a few slots so choose wisely.

You can name your submarine anything you want and it will display text on the side of it with custom colors as you pilot through the ocean.

Always listen to the AI of the cyclops because it knows what it’s talking about! If it says your submarine is damaged it probably means you should repair a leak with your repair tool.

There are different speeds you can run the cyclops and a silent mode for if you need to stay hidden. The faster you run the cyclops the louder it will be and if you run it too fast it can start a fire, but the AI will usually warn you about it overheating.

Sometimes you need to use the emergency speed to get away from an enemy.

Happy Diving!

Building the Cyclops is a huge achievement in Subnautica and it’s a really exciting part of the game. It can take some time to get used to piloting it, but once you do it’s sure a blast!

The interior can be confusing too at first, but you’ll come to loving it. When piloting it watch out for any creatures that want a chunk of your hunk and be safe!

Whether you were reading this for entertainment or informational purposes, I hope you enjoyed it!

Let me know what you think in the comments and have a good one!


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