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Subnautica: Below Zero Release – Coming to Early Access Soon! I Can’t Wait!

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Well it’s finally coming! Subnautica: Below Zero early access is going to be released on January 30th. I’ve been waiting so long for this moment and it’s finally here!

I’m going to be telling you about the new biomes that they are/planning on adding to the game along with some other information like the new vehicles.

Will it Be a DLC?

So there is a game called Subnautica and then there is this new game which is called Subnautica: Below Zero. So it’s just an expansion of Subnautica right?

There’s a lot of confusion between whether this is a DLC because on their site for Below Zero it says that they are building an EXPANSION to Subnautica.

So, nope. This game is NOT going to be a DLC! The developers said it’s going to be entirely new and separate from the original Subnautica game!

New Biomes

Again the game is going to be in early access, so some of these biomes might not even be in the game yet, but the developers plan on adding them to the game.

This isn’t your ordinary Subnautica this is Below Zero! You are going to be dealing with extremely cold temperatures.

Remember the Twisty Bridges in the concept art that were planning on being added to the original Subnautica, but never made it to the game?

Well they plan on adding a Twisty Bridges biome to Below Zero!

Not only will you have to deal with icy cold biomes, but you will have to deal with really hot ones too. There is going to be a volcanic biome called Ocean Ridge with purple geysers!

There will be some floating islands as well with giant lily pads floating above them and there is going to be a new Kelp Forest as well!

In the original Subnautica the Kelp Forest was one of my favorite biomes because of it’s beauty. But with such great beauty came a cost with aggressive creatures like the Stalker who want to have a snack out of you.

There will be many other biomes to explore and have fun in as well.

There are going to be tons of new creatures as well, and I’ve been looking at some of these creatures and they look great. I love the creativity that the developers put into these games.

New Vehicles

Subnautica is known for its awesome vehicles. I love the way the design their vehicles. I can’t even imagine how good the vehicles are going to be in this new game.

Their vehicles are always so slick and futuristic looking. I loved the vehicles in Subnautica like the Cyclops, Seamoth, and PRAWN suit.

Subnautica Below Zero is going to have new vehicles like the Snowfox and Sea Truck. The Snowfox will only work on land and not water. There is also going to be something called a Hoverpad, which is used to build the Snowfox.

I think the Hoverpad is also going to be used to customize the Snowfox and there will be upgrade slots as well.

The Sea Truck is going to be used for exploring underwater. It looks bigger than the Seamoth, but smaller than the Cyclops, which I like.

I hope they add another vehicle like the Cyclops, but maybe even bigger. That would just be so dope!

New Story

So the developers of Unknown Worlds say this new game will take place in an icy part of a planet called 4546B. Wait a minute, did you just catch that?

Planet 4546B was the same planet as the other Subnautica. So does that mean on Below Zero it’s the same planet, but on a different region covered in ice?

The developers also said that Subnautica Below zero will be a second game in a story. I wonder if this means that it’s going to be somehow tied to the other Subnautica games story?

Whatever the game is like when it’s released in early access, I’m sure the stories bound to change a lot within development.

I personally don’t care if it’s a different character’s story, as long as it’s inline or makes references with the other Subnautica game and if it’s a good story of course.

I just want the story to make sense and match everything, is basically all I’m saying. Wouldn’t that be awesome if they brought back a memory and like referenced the Aurora or something?

I also want the new story to fill us with mystery and want to experience the fear of diving in areas with dangerous creatures. I remember my first encounter with a Reaper, it jump scared me, haha. Great times!

I definitely want more moments like that in Subnautica Below Zero.

They plan on adding new game mechanics like thermal management and more voice-overs for the story plots which is exciting. They plan on having a lot of exploration mechanics too, just like the original Subnautica.

Let the Games Begin… Maybe?

Honestly, even though it’s going to be released in early access that doesn’t mean the game is going to be perfect because it’s not going to be finished.

The developers even said that it’s full of bugs and isn’t even polished yet. So if you plan on running this game as soon as it releases in early access just be aware that it isn’t finished yet.

It will most likely run poorly on your machine and possibly crash as most early access games do. Also, everything in game like the vehicles, stories, biomes, creatures, et cetera are bound to change as well.

I don’t even know if everything I talked about it is going to be put in the game when it’s released as early access because everything I talked about is what the developers want to add/have been working on, but it may not be in the game yet.

They are going to be taking feedback again like the original Subnautica for improvements and ideas to their game. I love this approach in early access gaming because they had an in game feedback button that you could submit for them to see.

I personally think every game developer should do this and this is why Subnautica became such a great game because the developers actually cared about the gaming community and tried to do their best to make them happy.

There are a lot of bad early access games out there and a lot of good ones as well, like Subnautica. I’ve been playing the original Subnautica since early access and I loved it.

The developers are going to be using the Unity game engine again for the game, but the graphics I think are going to be more demanding than the last Subnautica game because people are saying that it’s going to take better hardware to run.

So they plan on live streaming the release on January 30th and even have a countdown for it on their site. Hopefully they don’t delay the release date several times like I’ve seen other game development companies do within the past year or so.

For now, it’s going to be priced at $19.99 in the Steam store, and it will also be available for purchase in the Epic Games store and on Discord.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful and happy gaming!


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