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Large Gaming Mouse Pads – Are They Really Necessary?

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Regular mouse pads can be a pain to deal with when gaming. They constantly slip and move around your desk. So then just ditch the mouse pad right? No, that’s a bad idea as well.

You probably have heard of large gaming mouse pads though, right?

Are those any good and should I get one? Well you are in for a treat because today I’m going to answer all your questions related to gaming and mouse pads!


If you have ever gamed without a mouse pad, it may seem fine at first, but before you know it you look down at your little desk and start seeing little marks in it.

All of a sudden these little marks grow larger! Aah! What’s happening to my desk?

The big enemy known as friction! No hard feeling’s friction, but why friction! Why you gotta do this to my nice desk man! Friction will always take advantage of you when it can.

That’s why you should always use a mouse pad for protection!

As soon as you get rid of that mouse pad, friction will come in to try to destroy your desk and scrape up your mouse too. I learned this lesson the hard way as you can see in the picture above.

Yeah that used to be my old desk, and then… you know the rest of the story… friction!

The Bigger the Better!

After I scratched my old desk up I decided to get a regular mouse pad. This small mouse pad constantly moved around and had to be readjusted all the time.

There were other problems that I ran into with this low quality small mouse pad as well, but we will get back to that soon!

So by this point you probably are wondering what kind of mouse pad you should get, unless you already have one of course.

Large Mouse PadMy answer is really simple, the bigger the better! Go all out on your mouse pad and get yourself a big boy!

When I had a small mouse pad I couldn’t turn 360 degrees in games without lifting my mouse up and resetting its position to the center of the mouse pad.

But if you get a large enough mouse pad you can go 360 degrees, which is awesome!

Another thing that would happen is my keyboard would constantly move around and then almost fall off my desk when I didn’t have a large gaming mouse pad.

Hey, I know it sounds funny, but trust me… sometimes I got really into my games without realizing it and then before I knew it my keyboard was sliding off my desk! This can really mess you up while playing a game!

If you decide to get a large gaming mouse pad, I highly recommend doing some measurements.

Know how big the large gaming mouse pad is going to be and compare those measurements with the measurements of your keyboard, mouse, and see if the mouse pad can even fit on your desk.

Make sure there is plenty of space for your mouse to move as well so you can do those 360 turns!

I recommend around 11 to 12 inches on both length and width just for the area you are going to be moving your mouse in.

Choose Wisely!

Not only do you have to consider the size and measurements of the large gaming mouse pad, but you want to pick one that is high quality as well.

Not Stitched Vs Stitched

Okay back to my old small and low quality mouse pad. As you can see in the picture “NOT STITCHED VS STITCHED”, it started to rip at the edges of the mouse pad.

But when I got a new large gaming mouse pad I made sure it had stitched edges so that it would never rip like that ever again!

Make sure you aren’t buying a low quality gaming mouse pad that is going to peel from the surface.

Remember, quality always matters! Make sure it has a thick enough surface to protect your desk against damage.

Make sure the bottom of the mouse pad won’t slide and that it’s made from a heavy rubber bottom.

Pick a large gaming mouse pad with a low friction too so you can have the best gaming experience as you smoothly glide across your mouse pad with full control.

And like with any product you are buying, always check the reviews and see what people are saying about it.

A lot of these gaming mouse pads have different designs on them as well. Some designs and images on these mouse pads look awesome! So pick a design you will like as well.

Dealing with it

Here is some information and what I think about the gaming mouse pad that I have if you wanted to know more about it:

ProductCmhoo XL Large Mouse Pad & Computer Gaming Mouse Mat Dest Pad (80×30 space)

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Genius Stars

Bright 4 Star

I personally have used the Cmhoo XL Large Mouse Pad for a couple of years now and continue to use it to this day.

I love it because it hasn’t torn because it’s stitched, it prevents my peripherals from falling off my desk, and it has a design I like.

Although it has a design I like, it doesn’t look as crisp as the design in the advertised photo and over time I’ve started to notice some slight faded spots.

So that’s really the only things I don’t like about the Cmhoo XL Large Mouse Pad, but it doesn’t bother me too much because I’ve had it for so long and all in all, it’s a pretty good value to me.

Becoming a Better Gamer Every Day!

So remember, gaming without a mouse pad is probably a bad idea. Especially if your desk has an uneven surface.

Even some gaming mice (like optical ones) don’t do very well on certain surfaces unless they have a good surface to rest on.

Try to get a large gaming mouse pad that will fit on top of your desk. Make sure your peripherals can fit too, like your keyboard and mouse.

Make sure the mouse has enough space so you can move better while gaming. Be sure to pick a high quality gaming mouse pad as well.

If you are reading through all my articles I hope they are making you a better gamer and or helping you out as well. I also hope you find this article useful as well.

Feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment and I wish you the best with your gaming journey!




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  2. This is a really good article, I recently needed a gaming mouse pad, and like you said, the marks keep growing larger, that’s very terrifying! I love my desk and also want great gaming mouse pads. This post helped me to understand more things about gaming mouse pads!

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      Hey Skypath, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I appreciate the comment and am happy to see it helped you understand more about gaming mouse pads. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new gaming mouse pad and have a good one! 🙂

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