Is Massdrop a Scam?

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Notice: This article was written before Massdrop changed their name to Drop.

So you’re looking for the best deal you can find on something you want to get when you stumble across a site with all these discounts. Like any normal person you are going to be skeptical, (at least I’d hope so).

So I’ve known about Massdrop for quite some time, but never really bought anything until recently. The very first time I saw Massdrop a couple years ago I was a bit skeptical myself.

I asked myself, “Is Massdrop a scam? And even if it isn’t how will I really know if the price is right?” I’m going to cut to the chase and blatantly let you know that Massdrop isn’t a scam and they actually do ship you your items you ordered.

But are you really saving money on the items you are buying that are apparently heavily discounted? How does that even work? I’ll go a bit more into detail and answer all those questions for you!

What is Massdrop?

They are a company that partners up with other companies and sometimes even sells their own products as well. They buy their products in bulk for a deal depending on what kind of products the users (customers) on the site want.

They sell a wide variety of products: From health and beauty supplies all the way to computer components and electronics.

How Does it Work?

There are usually polls for items customers can submit and request. Massdrop looks at these votes on polls and then tries to partner up with the company to sell a certain amount of them.

The fewer people that buy the product, the more the product will cost at first, but if enough people buy the product the price will keep getting discounted until it reaches a point where it won’t go any further.

Once they start selling items, they are only up for a limited time before they quit the campaign.

Some items they sell are limited edition and never to be seen again, while others are just temporarily there for a discounted price for a set period.

Do You Really Save Money?

Yes, you really do save money and they have excellent deals! I recently bought a gaming chair from them and got more than 50% off the products regular price.

Some sites have fake sales where they pretend something is only going to be on sale for a limited time, but then they end up always having it on sale, but Massdrop on the other end really has limited time offers.

In addition, some sites even claim that a product costs more than what it actually costs then they put a fake discount to act like you are saving a ton of money. Is Massdrop like these kinds of sites?

NOT at all! That is what I love about them!

Are The Objects They Sell High Quality?

Okay, this question really depends on the company that they partner up with. You got to remember, Massdrop for the most part finds products that people want and acts as the seller in between.

Other than when they aren’t selling their own products, they are selling other companies products. If you are interested in any products, I would highly recommend doing research on the company that they are selling the product from for a quality check.

Also, some things you may want to look into before thinking about getting something off of Massdrop are the prices on other sites as well.

Yes, Massdrop typically offers some of the best discounts, but once in a blue moon there will occasionally be products you can find for cheaper elsewhere, so always check the price from other places too just to be sure you’re getting the best deal.

But based off of my experience so far, I have had a high quality experience and haven’t had any problems with the product I bought off of Massdrop and I saved a lot of money too!

Shipping Away

With every product, comes an estimated ship date and this shipping date based on my experience was exaggerated.

Not badly though. It almost set my expectations low because the estimated ship date for my product said it would arrive nearly a month after I ordered it, but to my surprise it arrived within a couple days!

Now that was only my experience, so don’t expect it to be the same for you! It could’ve taken longer for others.

When it comes to shipping, another thing to keep in mind is the product won’t start shipping until the campaign has ended for the product.

So if you bought the product right when it got listed, it could be awhile before you get it because you have to wait for it to end before it ships!

I haven’t tried the customer service yet because I haven’t had any problems with my product so far, but they do have a 30-day return policy.

A lot of products are returnable if they are in new condition and all you to do is contact the help center regarding it. But keep in mind that some special products may not be returnable as with nearly any store.

Products that are returnable will usually have a note at the bottom of the page saying whether it is or not.

They usually take returns too if your item arrived damaged/didn’t come with everything or even if it wasn’t advertised the way it’s supposed to be.

I really had a great experience with Massdrop and everything went smoothly for me. I guess that’s really everything I wanted to say about it. If you would like to say anything to me, feel free to comment down below!


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