Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop – Which is Better For You?

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Did you hear about the new fight in the ring? A laptop and desktop are going to be going at it. Who do you think is going to win? It is called Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop and is going to feature two very great fighters.

One of the fighters is so massive and powerful that they have trouble moving around, while the other fighter isn’t as strong, but is sure quick. We are going to take a look at these two and see what they are capable of.

We will compare their general performance, size, and a lot of other factors that affect how great they are. If you are stuck on what you should have this guide will not only help you, but be entertaining at the same time.

Maybe you could even call it a mnemonic, but whatever it is, let the games begin!

Big Brute – Large & Powerful

Our first contestant is known as Big Brute. Large and powerful machine crushing speed with a high dose of liquid cooling flowing within his blood stream, he is sure to make a fool out of anyone he encounters.


This guy is a machine when it comes to fighting. He is capable of knocking weaker opponents out of the ring within the blink of an eye.

Big Boy

He can take many forms in size, but overall he is a very stationary guy. From micro ATX all the way up to full size ATX, he is still a beefy one, when comparing him to laptops. He really decked himself out for this fight and went full size ATX.

Gets the Job Done

Whatever it is, this guy can get the job done. He doesn’t take no for an answer. His ability to transform is mind blowing. What do I mean by transform? What I mean is that he can be customized in nearly any way.

Keyboards, monitors, and components… you name it!

Lil RGB – Small But Fatal

And on the other side of the ring is Lil RGB. He may look weak if you judge him based on his small size, but you are mistaken. He is like a beast in a little can of compressed air.

Mobility Man

Because of his size and compact design, he is capable of going nearly anywhere. Although it appears that he has some of the same components as Big Brute, the components are very different in size and performance.

For example, the text in GTX 1060M looks a lot like a GTX 1060 right? But the “M” at the end of “GTX 1060M” means that it is a smaller version.

Although this benefits in the mobility and design of the laptop, it isn’t as powerful as a full size GTX 1060.

Don’t get me wrong, it is amazing what gaming laptops are capable of for being so small compared to a desktop, but just keep in mind the letter “M” in the specifications!

Stacks of Cash?

It can be difficult to design a laptop capable of running next gen graphics with such limited space. Gaming laptops tend to cost a LOT more than gaming desktops.

Let the Fight Begin

Round One:

Big Brute the gaming desktop storms out on the ring slowly, but surely. On the other side of the ring is Lil RGB, small he may be, but determined.

Big Brute took every opportunity he could in customization and made sure he had the best of everything for maximum power. Petty laptops typically use membrane keyboards, which aren’t as strong as Big Brute’s mechanical keyboard.

As Lil RGB types furiously, his keys start to fall off his keyboard, but he is not giving up. His mobility is really his only advantage, so he is going to take every opportunity he can to speed around the mighty desktop.

Big Brute starts to actually overheat from everything he sees, it is so much to process. But easily cools himself down with his liquid cooling and extra fans he packed within his system.

Round Two:

A worthy opponent the gaming laptop may be, but Big Brute doesn’t want to admit it. He may be stationary, but he is a monster in performance and this is just the beginning for Lil RGB.

Lil RGB forgot to bring his laptop charger, so he is running off of whatever power is left within him. Big Brute on the other hand is connected to a power plug with unlimited power.

Lil RGB turns off his RGB keyboard to conserve more energy, not living up to his own title and even dimming his screen, while Big Brute has a brighter monitor and what seems to be an infinite supply of power.

Round Three:

Big Brute is getting tangled in his own cords, making him even more immobile. Lil RGB takes advantage of this opportunity and sheds some power from his mini graphics card.

Big Brute works on his cable management and looks Lil RGB right in the webcam, flashing one last blow at him. Lil RGB is no match for Big Brutes performance, for he is rocking a full size graphics card with more power.

The Winner?

Gaming Desktop


  • Customizable
  • Usually more powerful than gaming laptops
  • Usually cheaper than gaming laptops


  • Customization and more wires to deal with can make it more
  • Not very portable


Although gaming desktops aren’t as mobile as laptops, they tend to be more customizable and give you more pow-pow for a cheaper price.

Gaming Laptop


  • Ready to use out of box
  • Usually less external wire connections than a desktop
  • Very portable; less weight; small


  • Can be pricey
  • Not very customizable


While the gaming desktop takes the cake on being customizable and usually cheaper, a gaming laptop wins at being more portable and capable of being used on the go.

Until Next Time

I need you to decide who the winner is based on this information. My personal favorite is gaming desktops over gaming laptops because I don’t find myself needing a gaming laptop on the go.

Gaming laptops can be convenient because you can take them nearly anywhere, but they are pricey compared to desktops. You can get a lot better performing desktops for cheaper, but they will be stationary when it comes to portability.

I also like the customization that desktops have compared to laptops. If I don’t like something like the keyboard, I can always swap accessories out for a different one.

And if there’s a part I want to upgrade, I can more often than not find what I’m looking for to upgrade it.

I don’t mind gaming laptops, but I’d have to say gaming desktops are my all time favorite for the reasons listed above. So which of the two is your favorite? Are you more for mobility or customization?

Let me know what you think in the comments down below, and as always happy gaming!


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