Do PC Games Have Better Graphics Than Consoles?

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As graphics keep getting better and better over a variety of gaming systems, sometimes you just have to wonder what has the best graphics.

As you ask these sorts of questions with different gaming platforms, you finally arrive at a particular question that happens to show up within your mind and ask yourself, “Do PC games have better graphics than consoles?”

And the quick and short answer to that is the word potentially. Now what do I mean by that? Well let’s find out!

Consoles Come With Great Hardware Restrictions

A console comes the way it’s made, but a PC on the other hand can always be upgraded and because of this, consoles tend to have limited graphic settings because they are built to run games as efficiently as the hardware allows them to do so.

Of course a PC with not as powerful hardware as a console isn’t going to run graphics as great as a console does unless the PC has more powerful hardware, but the skies the limit when it comes to the power of how far you go with a gaming PC.

A console can’t get any stronger than the way it comes unless you buy an entirely new console, which can take years for another one to be released, but a PC can be created/upgraded whenever and tends to have more graphical options in game versus a console.

The Games You Play Matter

It’s good to keep in mind that every game is optimized differently and that hardware won’t work as well with an unoptimized game.

Although a gaming PC may have better hardware than a console, it is more common for consoles to be more optimized than PC games. Why is this?

Because most game developers that work with games being used on the PC have to work with a greater amount of hardware.

Game developers focused on consoles on the other hand only have to worry about a limited amount of hardware offered by the particular consoles.

Instead of worrying about the vast amount of hardware offered on the PC they can put all their focus into a small section of hardware to make the game as optimal as possible.

Different Gaming Engines

Video games are built with gaming engines like Unity and Unreal Engine 4 and sometimes companies even make their own personal gaming engines optimized for the games they make.

For example, Uncharted 4 runs on a private game engine created by Naughty Dog called NDGE (Naughty Dog Game Engine). Nobody can access this game engine except the Naughty Dog developers because it’s like a secret formula.

Graphically speaking, optimization in different game engines can also play a major role in how well the game looks.

Optimization Counts

Yes, console games tend to be more optimized than PC games, but the hardware offered to PC gamers really knocks the ball out of the park.

While I said optimization is typically better on console, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any games on the PC with some sort of great optimization out there.

Although it can be difficult to optimize games on the PC and while it may not be as optimized as console, it still is very achievable.

And if you can achieve a well optimized game with great graphics, running on an optimized engine, with a top of the line gaming system, then a PC can absolutely outperform a console when it comes to graphics.

Plenty of Room For Potentially Better Graphics

So there you have it. PC games have the potential to have better graphics than consoles, but it depends on several factors such as the games you play, the different gaming engines being used, and how optimized all of that is.

But PC games tend to have better graphics than console games because of one important difference and that is the different kinds of hardware being used.

You see, while there are a lot of powerful consoles out there, but nothing can beat a computer capable of being upgraded to the latest and fastest technology.

Consoles are usually stuck with the hardware they come with because they are a lot more difficult to upgrade than a computer.

To get the newest, greatest thing capable of running even greater graphics will take some time of waiting for a new console to come out, while a gaming PC has new hardware coming out all the time and isn’t restricted to certain pieces of hardware.

But even if their hardware isn’t as good, consoles can sometimes outperform in graphics because of the greater optimization found on consoles versus PC’s. And that wraps everything up!

I’m sure you have some comments you’d like to leave and I encourage to leave them. Whether you like consoles or PC gaming, happy gaming!


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