Do Consoles Have Better Games Than The PC?

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In my last post I talked about if PC games had better graphics than consoles, so today I want to focus more specifically on the games themselves rather than the graphics.

Although there are a lot of games that make it to more than just the PC gaming platform, there is still a wide variety of games that can’t be played on the PC that are exclusively for consoles only.

But then when it comes to the games can be played on either a console or the PC, I sometimes think some games just do better on one or the other.

So do consoles have better games than the PC? My answer is that in some cases yes, but it all depends on the game. Let’s talk a bit about more what I mean.

Exclusive Excuses

Okay I’m not going to throw a bunch of “just because it’s an exclusive” excuse because it doesn’t matter whether the game is an exclusive or not. What matters the most is if that exclusive is any good.

Very few exclusives on consoles in my opinion aren’t very good, but then there are also plenty of exclusives that really set some high standards like Spider-Man on the PS4, which I really enjoyed playing!

That is why I like both PC gaming and consoles as the PS4 because I can go to the PC to play the exclusive games I want to play specifically intended for the PC, and then go to the PS4 to play games I can’t find on the PC that I really love.


Okay, but what about games that aren’t exclusive? What about games that are universal and can be played on almost any platform including the PC? Do consoles have better games than the PC, even if we aren’t talking exclusives?

The answer to that relies heavily on playability, but all in all, yes! Some games are better to play on consoles while other games are better to play on the PC.

For example, the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is on both the PC and on some other consoles as well as the PS4, but Crash Bandicoot is one of those games that feels best when it comes to controls on a good ol’ PS4 controller and not a keyboard.

Yeah, I know you could just use a PS4 controller on the PC, but Crash only has partial controller support so it’s probably best to stick with a keyboard on the PC version. Unless you want to deal with a headache of fixing the controls.

But I’m not a very big fan of using a keyboard in Crash games, I just feel like a PS4 controller works a whole lot better. But then there are games on the PC that feel better on a keyboard than a controller in my opinion too, like Ark Survival Evolved.

These kinds of games usually have a lot more controls, and while it’s still possible to put all these controls on a controller with the use of combos (for example r1 + square, r1 + triangle, and so on) it just feels more optimized for a keyboard with some games.

In addition to controls, some games don’t receive the care they received on the platform they originally came from after they were carelessly ported to another platform.

This can result in lags, glitches, and other issues that the previous platform may have not had, but gets created on the newer gaming platform the game got ported to.

Comfort From the Couch Can Go Both Ways?

Yes, again while some games may have little to no controller support, there are a lot of games that have full controller support. So if you wanted to play games from the comfort of your couch, you really could do it on a console or a gaming PC.

But the UI of a console still may feel more comfortable because it is highly optimized for a controller so it can be used from the comfort of your couch.

I’m not saying there aren’t optimized user interfaces for the PC too, there are some great ones like Big Picture Mode on Steam, but what about the part of your computer that isn’t part of Steam?

For example, what if a program interrupts your game while you are on the couch, but the only way to turn it off is to go all the way to your computer and use the mouse to cancel the notification.

(Luckily for those using Windows 10, there is a gaming mode to help block interruptions while you game.)

Or worse, what if the game crashes. You can’t simply just use your controller like you could on the PS4, instead you would have to set your controller down and go back all the way to the computer to sort things out.

Not Only Does it Depend On The Game But It Also Depends On The Person…

The majority of people want to play a game with a comfortable UI along with comfortable controls, but then some people don’t have very much care for exclusives.

Or maybe you have a different set of standards when it comes to comfort and always think keyboards will be better or even think the same thing, but the other way around for controllers.

I don’t know exactly what you like, but I know what I like! I like PC gaming and some excellent PS4 exclusives along with some games that I feel play better on the PS4 than the PC, but when it comes to you, just pick something you enjoy!

If you like a little bit of the console world and a little bit of the PC gaming world, then why not have both? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


So in a nutshell, consoles do have some games better games than the PC in my opinion, but then it equally goes around with the PC too because some PC games are better than the ones on the console.

Of course that’s just my opinion, and everyone will have their own set of thoughts on that statement. To summarize everything:

  • Having the title “exclusive” doesn’t make a game good, a good game makes a good game! If it’s a good game that’s exclusive though, then that makes it a lot more valuable to play in my opinion.
    • Example: If you crumple up a piece of paper and then say this is exclusive because you can’t get something with the same folds and creases in the same shape of this crumpled piece of paper, it’s still garbage, but if somebody sells the one and only DMC DeLorean specifically used in the movie Back to the Future, then that’s an excellent exclusive.
  • Whether it be keyboard, controller, or whatever device you like to use, some platforms have more support than others for input devices.
    • The most comfortable controller depends on how the game was made.
    • Comfort also depends on what platform the game originally came on and whether it was ported well or not by the developers.
  • Although you can play from the comfort of your couch on a gaming PC with a controller, consoles tend to do better at this due to their UI.
    • Of course if you are using an operating system like Windows 10 you could always ensure that “Game Mode” is on to help prevent interruptions that cause you to have to walk all the over to your computer.
    • But Windows 10 is most optimized for a keyboard, so if your game crashes you will most likely need to use your keyboard and mouse to resolve things.
  • It depends on the person when it comes to a comfortable UI and set of controls and whether they even think the exclusives are good or not.

Well I think that’s everything! As always, leave your thoughts on this post down below and I’d be more than happy to get back to you. And…

Happy console and PC gaming!


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