CPUCores Review – Does it Really Maximize Your FPS?

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So you’ve done everything you could do to boost your current gaming PC’s performance (and if you haven’t you should definitely read up on my tips for optimizing your gaming PC here).

And this is the final straw! You are curious of other solutions out there and want to spare every frame per second you can get your hands on!

So I bring you… the CPUCores review! We are going to be taking an extensive look at this software that claims to boost your FPS!

So does it really work?

They claim that they’ve done some benchmarks with their software to achieve a 6.3% increase in FPS for TombRaider, a 14% increase in FPS for Left4Dead2, a 17.5% increase in FPS for ARMA III, and even a whopping 58% increase in FPS for Team Fortress 2!

Wow those are quite some results, but are they legit? I’ll get back to that further on in this post! First let’s go over the software in general.

The Base Software

Product: CPUCores :: Maximize Your FPS

Starting Price On Steam: $14.99 (DLC Not Included)

My Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 Genius Stars

Bright 4 Star

About Me (The software):

I am designed to optimize your gaming under certain circumstances. I ensure that your CPU’s resources are used wisely and mostly for your games!

But I make sure there is balance too within this process so don’t worry about your other operating system processes being neglected.

I support all kinds of games, including games off of Steam. What about VR games? Yep got that covered. If the settings within me are too complicated there is a provided manual for configuring me correctly.

Time For A Memory Wipe?

One of the DLC’s you can get with this software is called ClearMem Lite (as of now it’s $4.99 in the Steam store if you buy it separately from the base software).

This is really the only DLC I like in CPUCores because I find myself using it the most. I like it because it’s designed to empty out any wasted RAM.

So it essentially optimizes your RAM and frees up the wasted portions of it so you can dedicate more of it for your gaming.


Let Me Magnify Your Hardware And Network?

There is some other DLC you can get with this program called System Hardware Analyzer and Network Monitor Lite. While these are extra utilities you can buy as an addon to the base software, they only really help you with identifying things.

So they are more of tools for identifying network problems and looking at your system’s specifications.

System Hardware Analyzer:

This DLC as of now costs $1.99 (if bought separately from the base program). It is useful for identifying all of your systems hardware and gives you the option to copy and or share your specifications.

Network Monitor Lite:

This DLC as of now costs $4.99 (if bought separately from the base program). Doesn’t help with performance itself, but helps you identify possible network slow down issues.

You can also figure out the root cause of your network issues like whether it is related to your WiFi, the game server, et cetera.

Pros & Cons Time!


  • Available on Steam.
  • Supports VR games.
  • Support for games outside of Steam like Minecraft.
  • Automatically detects Steam games.
  • Great community and developer support.
  • Really increases your FPS .
  • Comes with manual to help you configure settings.
  • Works well with low to mid range computers (for more information see the recommended specs below).
  • Clean interface.


  • Other free alternatives.
  • Sometimes some bugs that cause performance drops (really rare though and in process of being fixed).
  • Not for high end systems.
  • Although it works well with low range computers, make sure your computer isn’t too low range (see recommended specs below).
  • Settings may confuse you at first, but once you read the manual, they are easier to understand.

Is It Worth It?

If you want to know whether this software is worth it or not, it really depends on the system you have and the games you plan on playing.

I personally think the base content (the stuff without DLC) is worth it, and the only DLC I really like is ClearMem Lite because they are really the only things that boost your computers performance when playing games.

The other DLC that you can get is really only tools for seeing your systems specs and monitoring your network, which are useful in certain scenarios.

If your computer isn’t the most powerful, then CPUCores is definitely worth it and you will notice a bit of a difference in the FPS in your games.

The worth of this software scales up if your system is able to handle games in general, but could use that extra boost to get a higher FPS.

It’s not a bad software at all, it’s really good and continues to get updates and it really does work.

Digging deeper into the kind of computer you should have, they recommend:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit all the way up to Windows 10 64-bit (Make sure it’s 64-bit).

Processor: Dual Core and Quad Cores Work Best

Memory: At Minimum 1 GB of RAM

Other Notes: They don’t recommend using this software with super powerful computers because the more powerful your computer is, the benefits start to decrease and become unnoticeable.

But just make sure your computer has the recommended specs for this software if you want to be best fit for using it and to get the best out of it.

With a computer with those specs, in some games you might notice only a couple FPS of a difference, but you’ll also notice quite a difference with other games, and if you are lucky you might even get a really big increase in FPS.

So back to the 58% FPS increase in Team Fortress and some other FPS increases for other games. It’s legit, but it varies for everybodies system and you’ll see different results that rely on the computer’s hardware and the games themselves.

Well I think that’s everything I wanted to say about this optimization software for now, I hope you found it useful and I encourage you to let me know what you think in the comments.

Feel free to ask any questions too, I’d be more than glad to help you out and one more thing… Happy gaming!



  1. CPUCores sounds like pretty amazing software for video game enthusiasts. I love the idea that it can speed up your computer. The ClearMEM Lite sounds like a really good deal at just $4.99. I play random games on my computer, but nothing that requires anything fancy like this. I’m going to share this page with a few of my gamer friends and see what they have to say. Great post!

    1. Author

      Hey Charles, glad you enjoyed my review on CPUCores! 

      CPUCores is a great tool for optimization, but just make sure your computer fits the recommended specifications so you can get the best out of it if you do plan on getting it. 

      Thank you for reading my post and I hope your gamer friends enjoy it too!

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