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Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers Review – Are They Worth it?

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So maybe your computer’s speakers don’t work anymore or you just want some better quality speakers!

Well whatever it is, I have come to bring you the Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers review and to tell you if they are worth it or not!

So whatever it is that you are doing, be prepared for the ride because these speakers will blast you away!

Product: Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers

OS (Operating System): Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac

Price: Click here for current pricing on Best Buy. (Not an affiliate link).

My Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Genius Stars

Bright 4.5 Star

The Exterior

These desktop speakers have a slight slant to them because they are designed to sit angled on your desk. The dark colors along with the way they rest on your desk give it a really modern and stylish look.

They really make a good companion for your gaming desk and the design really says hello. What a great way to greet your desk!

The left speaker (shown on the left side of the picture above): Other than the stylish look of the exterior, there is nothing more than the speaker itself.

The right speaker (shown on the right side of the picture above): What I love about the right speaker is that it has two great things about it.

An adjustable volume button for turning the volume up or down on the fly and there is a port for plugging in your headphones to the speaker, so you can listen to music through the speaker using your own headphones.

The adjustable volume works with the headphones too, so it’s very convenient and definitely a feature that I like about the speakers!

One thing I don’t like about the exterior though, is that these circular rubber things attached to the bottom of the speakers, which are designed to prevent them from slipping or scratching your desk fell off easily.

It’s not that big of a deal though because you can usually find replacement rubber dots at hardware store. Some of them are made with adhesive already on it, while others need to be glued on.

I don’t know where the rubber dot went and can’t find it, the vacuum probably ate it like a dog eating scraps at some point when it fell on the floor.

Oh well, it’s not that big of a deal though because they are cheap to replace, but kind of annoying haha.

The Chords Cords

If you plan on having the speakers a certain distance or in a certain position like I did, make sure you know how long all the cords are and which speakers they are connecting to.

For me, I just measured the desired distance between the two speakers different locations then compared that with the length of the cord.

The cable that connects the two speakers together is around 2-3 feet, which was barely enough to fit on the locations I wanted, but it worked out for me.

Keep in mind how far you want to have the cord from your desktop/laptop, the location of the nearest electrical outlet, and the distance between the speakers and compare those with the measurements of the cord.

Connecting the cords may be confusing at first too because you have to plug it into a lot of different spots, but if you carefully follow the instructions it should be a breeze.

If the cords aren’t long enough, you can usually find cord extensions at a hardware store for them. The cord on the left speaker can’t be unplugged, but the cords on the right speaker can all be unplugged.

The right speaker has a cord for connecting to the left speaker, a DC power plugin, aux cord, and a port for connecting to your computer.

Sound Quality

The sound quality for these are amazing, the sound is clear with the capability of running high-quality audio at any volume.

These speakers help me hear sounds that I normally wouldn’t hear on regular speakers and I feel like the sound is much more detailed than normal.

Now I wouldn’t say the sound is the best when comparing it to other high quality speakers, but it is pretty good. The sound doesn’t distort at high volumes, which is another plus for me.

The sound is very balanced with a bit of bass, but others may say that it’s too balanced and doesn’t sound very “high” when listening to songs.


  • Good looking
  • Turnable adjustable volume button
  • Headphone jack on one of the speakers
  • Most of the cords are removable
  • High quality audio
  • Sound doesn’t distort at high volumes
  • Very balanced sound with a bit of bass


  • Circular rubber dots attached to the bottom of the speakers easily come off
  • The cords that come with it aren’t very long
  • The cord on the left speaker isn’t removable
  • For some the sound might sound too balanced

Worth it?

For me, these speakers are definitely worth having.

Sometimes I don’t feel like always wearing headphones and I just want to watch YouTube or play some games on my computer while listening through these Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers.

I find that these speakers are well-balanced because they aren’t the most expensive speakers in the world, but they have enough quality for enjoying them more than just ordinary speakers.

What makes them different from regular speakers are the sounds that you can hear with these bad boys. These things produce sounds that I would’ve never heard in my old computer’s speakers.

In other words, the sound in these speakers are really detailed and you can hear it all as if it was there. Sometimes the sound does sound a bit too balanced, but all in all, it’s really good sound in my opinion.

Well feel free to let me know what you think in the comments and I wish you the best!


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